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Q: My build on the Mine Little Crafty Server got griefed, what do I do?
A: Report it to a staff member and we’ll get it taken care of for you as soon as we can. Otherwise, if you witness someone griefing another player’s project, you can also report that, or post to the forums under the Grief and Conduct Reports section.

Q: How can I tell if a canon character name is taken?
A: Check the character list here: MLC Character Name List. We update it frequently so any time a nickname goes unused, we free it up for active players to be able to take on. Any player who does not officially request the nickname may lose the nickname if someone has claimed it on the forums before them.

Q: How do I get a class on the Mine Little Crafty Server?
A: You can check out this page here regarding the basics of MLC.

Q: How do I rent an Equestrian property on the Mine Little Crafty Server?
A: You can check out the Equestrian Housing Information thread for the necessary commands!

Q: Is Griefing/Stealing permitted on Mine Litle Crafty?
A: No, and any such actions can result in your account being banned. Refer to our full list of rules here: Square Horse Rules.

Q: A player is harassing me on MLC, but no staff are currently online- what do I do?
A: You can /ignore them for the time being, take screenshots of the given player’s offenses and either post it to the forums or alert a staff member when they come online. Don’t take matters into your own hands- any rules you break in retaliation can still get you punished as well.

Q: I’ve just tried logging in, but I’m banned? What do I do now?
A: Check the ban section of our forums here: Square Horse Bans & Appeals.

Q: How do I become staff?
A: Asking to be staff isn’t the way to go about it. We pick members of the community who have shown a constant helpful attitude, and dedication to being a role model to other players. If you think you fit that bill, you can can post a staff application over at the Applications section of the forums. Just be sure to follow the Application Format.

Q: Can I roleplay on Mine Little Crafty?
A: Yes, but you must take it to the roleplay channel by using the command /ch R. If you refuse to switch channels, you may be muted or tempbanned.

Q: I need help on MLC! How can I tell who is staff, and who isn’t?
A: The staff members of Mine Little Crafty will have white letters in their title, [A] means Admin, [M] Moderator, [G] means Guard, and [R] Recruit. The players with {B} in their name are not staff, but are instead some of the Builders of Equestria. If you need help, ask for one of the staff members with the [A], [M], [G], or [R] and we’ll help you out as soon as we can- but please be patient until we can get to you. Remember, any player who does not have a [A], [M], [G], or [R] in their title is not staff- so if you see someone impersonating staff, please report them immediately.

Q: Minecraft has updated, why hasn’t the server? When will it update?
A: We use a lot of plugins that help change Minecraft and make it safer to run from things like Griefers. Currently we have around 36 plugins, and each one needs to update before we can upgrade the server, so a lot of it depends on when the developers of those plugins get a stable build out to the public. If you wish to continue playing on the server after an update, then you should refrain from updating your client until we officially announce a server update on the forums.

Q: My friend/sibling/random person used my account to break your rules! Can I be unbanned?
A: Sorry, but all actions taken on your account are your responsibility, regardless of who uses it. Please refer to our full list of rules here: Square Horse Rules

Q: What’s a chat?
A: Great question! We have 5 different chats on our server. Global and Local are for general discussions, RP is for Role-Playing, Pony is for MLP:FiM discussions, and players can make party chats. Please use these chats for their intended uses.

To make a party chat, type ‘/party host’. You now host the party. Have whomever you want to join your group type ‘/party join (YOUR IGN)’. From there, type ‘/party chat’ to speak in the chat. If you wish to talk in another chat, you have to type ‘/party chat’ again.

There is also staff chat, but the first rule of staff chat is dont talk about….

Please also refer to the Square Horse Rules page for additional information.