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Mine Little Crafty is a “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” themed Minecraft server aimed at creating a fun, friendly environment for Bronies and non-Bronies alike to be able to come together and hang out! We offer a replication of the iconic cities from the show in which users can rent housing, open shops, and take on roles within the cities! Roleplaying not your thing? We also offer an extensive Freebuild world in which users can play Survival Minecraft and build to their hearts content! Mine Little Crafty is the cornerstone of Square Horse Gaming where we place blocks and talk about horses.

Sound like the place for you? Then come join us and make some new friends!


So you’ve joined the server. Now what? Here’s some info to help you get started.


When you first join the server, you’ll find that you’re now a “New Foal”, but fret not- you won’t be for long! In order to get your first class you must follow the walk leading from Spawn through the Elements of Harmony story book! From there you’ll arrive in the Warp Hub in which you’ll find warps to the Freebuild and Equestria worlds as well as our Mini-Game Bar which hosts Spleef, Trivia, and many more! Rather than taking a warp, continue forward to the Mane 6 pixel-art where you’ll find the Class Board! Here you’ll be able to learn about all available classes and abilities that you can choose from! Be sure to read over them to find which type of character best fits you! After you choose a class, you can type “/kit [classname]” in order to obtain some free and useful items. To make the command easier, some kits use a shorthand version of the class name: Flutter Pony is “/kit Flutter”, Diamond Dog is “/kit Dog”, Earth Pony is “/kit Earth,” and Sea Pony is “/kit Sea”.

If you ever decide you’d like to change your class later on, you can return to the Class Board and select a new one! However, each class change after your initial selection will cost you 250 Bits, which are the virtual currency you get on the server by selling items!

For more information on Classes, check here: http://www.squarehorse.com/classes/

What Next?

You can build and mine in Freebuild- start a pixelart project with a new friend or 2, explore the cities of Equestria, or buy and sell items in your very own shop with “Chest Shops“! How you spend your time within the server is up to you, so relax, socialize, and place blocks while talking about horses. You can also rent a shop or house in Equestria, but you must follow the rules listed in the “Equestrian Housing Information” thread.

Any special mods I should install?

While we don’t require any mods to be able to play, a lot of us use some optional ones to help spruce up the game:

Mine Little Pony” made by Verdana, now unofficially maintained by KillJoy, transforms your character, and the monsters around the Minecraft world into the magical world of ponies! You can create a custom skin for your character that will enable them to have wings, a unicorn horn, and even be a young filly! Click on the link to learn more about this amazing mod!

One of our local players, CerealSpoon has been busy at work updating a My Little Pony themed texture pack that will help the world seem a bit brighter and cheerier as well as add in some more fitting paintings which you can find here: Mine Little Crafty Texture Pack. Be sure and check it out and let him know what you think!

Still have a question? Check the FAQ!