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Support SHG

Running a gaming community isn’t free, nor is it cheap! Supporting will help us to stay online and continue providing you with the services you love! Any contributions sent by a single account will continue to stack, for example:
If you send $20 today, and $5 tomorrow, your account will reach the $25 supporter level! Please keep in mind that contribution amounts are entirely up to you, and that you are not required to contribute. By contributing, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the disclaimer on the bottom of the page. Dollar amounts refer to USD.

1. Click the button above!
2. Enter in the amount you’d like to donate, then hit the “Donate with PayPal” button! You don’t have to select the recurring monthly option, but we’ll be incredibly thankful if you do!
3. Login into your PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal, ask a parent! Never take someone else’s card without permission!
4. In the “add a note” section, please give us your In-Game Name (IGN), and your Discord ID. Example: Steve, Steve#1111. We will not be able to give you your rewards if you do not do this step!
5. Enter in your credit card information if you haven’t already. After that, hit the “donate now” button at the bottom, and you’re set! Just wait for staff to give you your permissions and Discord role! If you don’t recieve your role within 24 hours, feel free to message staff!

Supporter Perks*:

$10 level, all of the following:

⦁ Custom Cyan color name in the Mine Little Crafty server, as well as access to the /hat command.
⦁ Supporter role on our Discord server.
⦁ Your name is added to our Supporter Hall of Fame located on the Square Horse website!

$40 level, all of the following, plus the previous levels:

⦁ Access to the title command to customize your chat title:
Command: /title
Usage: /title <Your Title Text>
Example: /title Turkey Baster
would make “Turkey Baster” your title.You can set colours using the Essentials ampersand (&) color notation.

$60 level, all of the following, plus the previous levels:


⦁ Creation of your very own Mythic Mob to appear in the mythic world.
Monster may also appear in dungeons
If you know how to make a Mythic mob, GREAT! You can give us your monster and we’ll tweak it to fit with correct loot and spawn rates.
No idea how to make a Myhtic mob, GREAT ANYWAYS! We can give you suggestions for the Monster, or try to build one as close to any description you give us.
Monsters made from donations will credit the person who donated to any player that slays it.

DISCLAIMER**: Any payment you make to Square Horse Gaming should be considered a one-time gift which you are making to us. Contributing does not grant you immunity to punishment if you break our rules. Nor does it guarantee you may get your money back should you receive a ban or other corrective action. Making a payment to Square Horse Gaming or its affiliates does not constitute a contract for Square Horse Gaming or its affiliates to provide you with an ongoing service. In-game rewards will be added to the sender’s account on a reasonable best efforts basis, please keep in mind our staff are all volunteers, and try to be patient. The Square Horse Gaming staff will use the contributions as they see fit, and to better aid the services we offer. Contributions are a gift, and not a sale of goods or services. There are no refunds.

*Perks are subject to change at any time for any reason. **Supporter terms are updated frequently and is up to each member to maintain knowledge of them..