NMN Event!


The chill of winter sweeps ever closer
Its time for a Nightmare tonight
It’s time to rot our teeth out with free candy. That’s right! Nightmare night!
We’ve promised something for so long, and we’re going to deliver for this event!

Pre-Event starts on October 28th and will run to the end of the event.
Main event times will be November 11th from 3:00pm PST to 9:00pm PST and November 12th from 3:00pm PST to 9:00pm PST

More info can be found in the news thread HERE

1.12 & What it Means to You

It’s that time again. Mojang has released the Minecraft 1.12 update.

So that means you’ll either have to wait to use the 1.12 client, or make a profile for 1.11.2 to switch to when you want to log into MLC until we can update Spigot and our plugins, right?


We’ve recently made some changes that should allow users to connect to Mine Little Crafty while using the 1.12 client of Minecraft, even though the server is still running 1.11.2!

There is one caveat though. You won’t be able to use any of the new 1.12 blocks/items/featues while on MLC using the 1.12 client (though you will be able to see them in menus) while on MLC until we are able to update to 1.12 fully, so be aware of that!

It’s time for a new Freebuild to dawn

The highly anticipated schedule for our new Freebuild map

We are setting up the generation for the map, moving a copy of the spawn area, and any other little tweaks we think we want

-March 26th-
Everyone will be allowed to enter and build in the new freebuild map, as well as plan out claimed area for build transfers. At this time there will be an announcement where you can post for what builds you want to transfer.

For more information please read the full news thread HERE.