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General Square Horse Rules:

1. Respect the staff, we’re all volunteers doing this in our free time and will help you when we can, but understand that we can’t be everywhere at once and have our own issues to solve as well as helping everyone else.

2. Be respectful to the community. We’re all here to have fun and make some new friends- don’t let yourself be kept out by being hostile or negative towards other members of the community. Remember, not everyone here will be a “brony”, but you shouldn’t make them feel any less welcome! This also means absolutely no racism or hate-speech of any kind.

3. Absolutely no Rule 34 or NSFW content on the site, or in any of our servers within public discussion. If you really feel the need to mingle with this sort of content, do it on your own time outside of global chat and our forums.

4. Any activity on your account, whether in possession of you or another person is entirely your responsibility. If someone uses your account and breaks our rules, you are liable.

5. Discussion of drugs or any other illegal material is strictly prohibited. If you bring it up, you will be removed from our servers and our site.

6. Attempts to evade bans through alternate accounts will result in the ban of any additional accounts you use.

7. The staff of Square Horse Gaming and its servers reserve the right to enact corrective actions to members as they see fit.

8. At the end of the day this community is just about playing games. Lashing out and calling each other names, and slandering each other over stuff in a game, is not acceptable. In short, don’t make it personal. Don’t make it a problem. If something is bothering you about a game mode you are playing, don’t play it, or speak with a staff member about the issue if it is something that staff could solve. Any player caught making personal attacks out of anger or spite will be subject to punishment in the form of mutes or bans at staff discretion.

9. This forum, server, and community is one that speaks English. Please refrain from speaking anything but English on anything that can be seen globally. You can, say, speak another language in MLC’s local chat or PMs, or speak another language in a forum PM, but nothing that can be seen by everyone. Staff here only know or speak primarily in English, and staff feel it’s too hectic to have to constantly try to Google Translate everything that’s happening in our global chats.

Forum Rules:

1. No necro-posting. If a thread has been inactive for more than 2 months, do not post into it. Simply start a new topic and let the old one fade out.

2. No self-bumping. A forum is not an instant-chat service, and it may take staff/players time to respond to your subject. Bumping your topic may end up getting your thread locked, or your account removed.

3. Please keep your content fairly clean, and remember we have a strict no Rule 34 or NSFW content policy.

Discord Rules:

Join the Discord Server here!

1. All General Square Horse Rules apply.

2. Don’t spam. This includes ascii images, as it fills up user’s screens on the mobile Discord app.

3. Don’t post NSFW links or files. The general rule of thumb is if you have to think about whether or not it’s appropriate, don’t post it.

4. Discord does not have inbuilt filters, so please refrain from explicit language.

5. #911 is for emergency server situations only. Abuse in this channel will not be tolerated.

6. Staff are busy people – please do not continuously @ staff members for their attention.

7. Keep #mlpchat on the subject of My Little Pony, there are other channels such as #general and #filelinkdump if the topic diverges.

8. When you first join, you will have a white name and no role. Gain the member role (represented by a blue name) by being active and trustworthy. Staff reserve the right to revoke and give roles at any given time. Asking for a member role is the fastest way to not get a member role.

9. No mic spamming of music, sounds, or any audio that is continually disruptive.

10. Do not join a game room that is in use without the permission from the people currently using the game room.

11. For #trade-chat, you’re only allowed to advertise once a day. Spamming this chat with trade requests is against the rules.

Mine Little Crafty Rules:

1. No griefing, this includes but is not limited to theft, endless killings of players, breaking blocks/belongings of another player, altering another player’s build, & breaking into another player’s house, or killing mobs belonging to another player.

2. Equestria is not a Freebuild world. You may make whatever you please outside of the Equestria world, however any Freebuilds within Equestria will be deleted.

3. Chat and names are to be kept on a friendly level. If you show that you are not mature enough to become a member of the online community, or are causing issues, we will remove you. Please also understand that we are not here to be your counselor- don’t make our chats your personal blog and force your problems upon everyone else. If you need to talk to someone about a personal problem, take it to a private chat or use an appropriate help group such as: /r/MyLittleSupportGroup

4. Link spamming is not allowed. Chat is for chat, not a link dump- if you wish to share something, please do it outside the server, or only link it once.

5. Mane 6, Luna, Celestia, & Cadance are off-limits names, and are reserved for staff. If you wish to claim a canon name, you must make sure it is not taken on the forum name-list, and apply to have the name. If you fail to apply, and another player claims it officially before you do, you may lose the nickname. If your MineCraft/Mojang username is a character someone else has claimed on the name list, you are to use the /nick command (/nick New_Display_Name_Here) to choose a display name that is not claimed.

6. All exploits, x-ray mods, texture packs, and related cheats are strictly off-limits. Anyone caught using these will be subject to temporary or permanent bans. The acceptability of other client side mods is up to staff discretion.

7. Any Roleplaying must be taken to the appropriate roleplay channel (/ch rp or /r). Any player found roleplaying in global may be asked to switch channels, muted, or even temp-banned depending on the cooperation of the player.

8. Large scale mob farms or other devices involving massive amounts of redstone or any form of design that induces server lag, or client lag, may be subject to removal by Staff should the user refuse to alter their design.

9. Residents of Equestrian housing should abide by “Equestrian Housing Rules”.

10. Hosting copies of our maps is not permitted without being given an official allowance by the Admins, along with terms of proper crediting.

11. Titles should follow normal chat guidelines. They should not be intentionally overly long. You should not use titles as a way to impersonate staff (which is a one way ticket to ban town in most cases). If staff finds your title problematic in some way you may be asked to change it. Don’t abuse titles.

12. No using autoclickers or other programs to get ahead of other players while AFK.

Have a question about the MLC rules? Maybe it’s in the FAQ.

Team Fortress 2 Rules:

1. Respect the Admins and other players.

2. No hacking, or use of glitches or exploits to gain any type of advantage.

3. No excessive swearing, racism or overall bad speech. We understand the game can get competitive, and sometimes you need to blow off steam- but please try to keep your chat fairly clean.

4. No discussion of drugs or any other illegal substances.

5. Absolutely no Rule 34 or NSFW Sprays or chat content.

6. No chat spam or mic spamming of music, sounds, or any audio that is continually disruptive.

7. Your account is your responsibility, no exceptions.

8. Keep calm. Remember, it’s a game.