1.12 & What it Means to You

It’s that time again. Mojang has released the Minecraft 1.12 update.

So that means you’ll either have to wait to use the 1.12 client, or make a profile for 1.11.2 to switch to when you want to log into MLC until we can update Spigot and our plugins, right?


We’ve recently made some changes that should allow users to connect to Mine Little Crafty while using the 1.12 client of Minecraft, even though the server is still running 1.11.2!

There is one caveat though. You won’t be able to use any of the new 1.12 blocks/items/featues while on MLC using the 1.12 client (though you will be able to see them in menus) while on MLC until we are able to update to 1.12 fully, so be aware of that!