The Closing of MLC & the Discord Revival Project

It’s been a good run, but we’re all worn out from Minecraft, and we believe it’s time to move on. Thank you all for sticking with us as long as you have, we hope you stick around for the future of Square Horse Gaming, as we’re not done yet!

A special thanks to those of you who have donated to the server, you’ve kept us going for as long as we have, and without you, none of this would have been possible!

Will we ever visit Minecraft again? Probably not. We’ll never say never, but with how modern Mojang’s handling the game, I wouldn’t bet on it.

You can find a link to our world downloads in our announcements channel on our Discord! You may have to scroll up a bit to find it though!

We have other other servers in the works, some are more further off than others. We also have a Space Engineers server up and running, you can get the details for that by going to the the-space-station channel on our Discord, and looking at the pinned messages!

As for our Discord Revival Project, we’ve spent many hours revitalizing the format of our Discord server to be more unique and interesting. We’ve also taken steps to try and get the community active again, but we need your help to get to the end goal!

We’ve also lifted the PG13 restrictions on our servers, which means swearing is now allowed. Server rules still apply, of course. You can find the up-to-date rules on our Discord server under the info-n-rules channel!

We’ll now be purging inactive users from the Discord once every three months! In order to assure you stay on the server, all you need to do is talk every now and then, or reach rank 15!

In addition, we’ve re-opened our Patreon page! All money generated from the Patreon account will go towards future projects and towards keeping the website alive!
Please consider supporting us if you can! Even $1 a month helps us out significantly!