Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ! This is where we’ll stick some common questions and answers for those questions. We may also have information here that will help you get to know our servers a bit better!

Q: What is Square Horse Gaming?
A: Square Horse Gaming is a people-focused community that revolves around both gaming and game servers, particularly for sandbox games. We pride ourselves on making a safe and fun environment for people of all ages, but if you were to ask us our priorities; we try to cater to adults instead of minors. As such, our community will likely revolve around more serious content (while still trying to maintain the fun aspects of gaming), but nothing ever explicit or NSFW. We also pride ourselves in how we handle community interactions, often favoring and seeking community input for how we operate. We are a community of the people, for the people.

Q: What servers do you offer?
At the moment, none. A lot has changed throughout the years of SHG’s life, and we had previously undergone a merge with another community in attempts to try and salvage our user base and breathe additional life into their server. Unfortunately, very few people ultimately went over, and other events at that community have left us back at square one.

Q: Okay, but when you do have servers which ones will you have?
We plan on having a few “staple” servers for SHG, these include (but aren’t limited to): Discord and Hytale. Other servers may be on the table as we find more interesting games to make servers for! Smaller servers which aren’t meant to be long-term may also be done, such as Factorio, Space Engineers, Rust, etc.

Q: You had a Discord before. What happened to it?
A: A lot. To keep it short, it’s no longer owned by SHG or any SHG staff, so we no longer consider it to be SHG in any capacity. There was also a massive and persistent inactivity issue, so we figure it’s best to start fresh. If you’re new, or even and old member from the community, you’ll be welcomed on our new server when it’s ready!

Q: You’ve had Minecraft servers for 99% of your entire history, are you planning on making one again?
Probably not, but we’ll never say never. Minecraft servers rely on content to stay sustainable, and with the 1-2 updates from Mojang each year it’s very hard to keep the core survival audience entertained. There’s ways, such as encouraging roleplay, meaningful events, and server content (dungeons, mini-games, etc.), but those take a lot of energy and commitment which is hard to come by these days. But whatever we do, know that it probably won’t be pony related (not primarily, anyway). Promises and commitments have been made on that front, and I don’t intend to break said promises.

Q: How do I become a member of the staff team?
Currently? You don’t. I intend to do some recruiting once we have the Discord up and running, but I imagine the initial staff will be limited to close friends. Once we’re more established a public application will be released through a Google form, or something similar.

Q: I was banned before for reasons x, y, and z. Can I come back once you have servers running?
Potentially, yes. There’s been enough time for us to consider most old bans void, but some people have caused extensive problems for both our community and staff, so if it sounds like you fit that bill we’d ask that you submit a “ban appeal” of sorts to lift your ban (think of the old “letters to Celestia” system on the forums). We want to see that you’ve changed for the better, and if you have then you’re more than welcome back! However, if you’re still doing what got you banned and plan on doing it again, we kindly ask that you refrain from joining again.

Q: Do you have the old MLC worlds available for download?
A: Yes! However, we do have some conditions for downloading and using them: First and foremost, you may not use our maps for monetization in any capacity (you may have monetization on your server, but blocking access to the worlds through a paywall, for example, is not allowed. You may also not paywall content in the world, for real or virtual currency). Second, these maps may not be used as the “primary” content of your server (ex: you can’t use our Equestria world(s) as your own)). Generally speaking, we wish for people to experience these worlds and not have them be lost to time, but we don’t wish for others to exploit our work for their own gain. These worlds should serve as public archives if you wish to use them on your server(s).
Special exemptions may be made for this on a case-by-case basis, and if you wish to submit a request for this you can contact us at [email protected] As of now, the only server/community to be exempt from these conditions is BronyTales.
If you agree to the conditions above, you may download the worlds using this link. Mega sucks, so you can use this link for faster and non-capped downloads, this is not the full archive, however, due to Drive limits. The same conditions apply.

Q: Wait, why aren’t your newer Equestria and Dungeons maps included in the archives?
A: In a nutshell, I don’t wish for others to create minimal effort copycat servers. The MLP Minecraft community has suffered enough fracturing over the years, and I’m not going to knowingly contribute to that by releasing a mostly ready to use map. The only server/community which currently has (and is allowed to use) these assets is BronyTales. We will not give these out to other people or communities, please do not ask.

Q: I need to contact the staff team, how can I do that?
As of writing, the only way to contact our staff team is through our email: [email protected]
You can also contact the current head of administration, directly, through Discord (the email above is preferred): Daring Shepard#6527