Square Horse Gaming – General Rules

? Be respectful to our staff. All of our staff are volunteers who work for the server in their free time. Please do not continuously @ or bother staff members for their attention, we have our own issues to solve in addition to helping everyone else. We will help you when we can, but understand we can’t be everywhere at once.

? Be respectful to our community. We’re all here to enjoy ourselves, don’t try and ruin someone else’s fun by being overly hostile or negative towards them. If you have a problem with a user, block them! If the user is breaking the rules you can report them and we will get to it as soon as we can!

? No hate speech, racism, or bigotry. This includes (but isn’t limited to): Purposefully misgendering other users, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, etc.

? NSFW content is never allowed. If you really feel the need to mingle with this sort of content, do it on your own time outside of our servers. In a nutshell; if it looks like Quiet’s default outfit from MGS:V, it’s not appropriate for our servers.

? Keep all spoilers for shows and movies in their respective channels. We consider something to be a spoiler if it has been out for less than 2 weeks since the media officially released. Leaks are also considered to be spoilers!

? No mic spamming in public channels. This includes (but isn’t limited to): music, sounds, or any audio that is continually disruptive. You may play these sounds if everyone in the channel agrees to it, of course.

? Please speak English. Most of our staff only know or speak English and we feel it’s too hectic to have to constantly try to Google Translate everything that’s happening in our chats.

? While we allow swearing, don’t overdo it. If each sentence you write has a swear in it, you’re probably doing it a bit too much. Also refer to rules 2 and 3.

? Advertising other servers (Discord or otherwise) is frowned upon. You may advertise servers here, but if it appears that you are trying to poach users you may receive a warning. We’d generally recommend asking a staff member about posting a link to an external server/community before posting your link or invite!

? Our staff reserve the right to enact corrective actions as they see fit. If you feel like a staff member is being abusive, contact an administrator!

Discord – Other Noteworthy Information

When you first join you will have a white name and no role. You can gain levels to increase your rank by being an active chatter in the Discord! We try to purge inactive members somewhat frequently, so be sure to talk often!

Any activity on your account, whether in possession of you or another person, is entirely your responsibility. If someone uses your account and breaks our rules your account is liable for whatever happens! We recommend using two-factor authentication and a strong password to ensure security.

Have a question about our rules? It might be in the FAQ!