1.12 & What it means to you

1.12 & What it Means to You

It’s that time again. Mojang has released the Minecraft 1.12 update. So that means you’ll either have to wait to use the 1.12 client, or make...

Technical Derpyculties!

Technical Derpyculties!

Derpy tripped over some wires, and now the MLC server is currently down. We’re working on it as best we can, we promise! Check the Discord...

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1.10 is here!

1.10 is officially up and running! Come and check it out! You don’t want to be that person who misses out. Bug reports can be reported Here!

It's time for a Nightmare tonight

It’s time for a Nightmare tonight

As the Harvest Moon falls so shall the Pumpkin King rise It’s time for our annual spookfest, Nightmare night! This time we’re throwing something new into...