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While Mine Little Crafty may no longer be running, the site still costs money to run each month. There’s also a yearly domain renewal fee. Since there’s no perks anymore (aside from a “thank you”), I don’t expect anyone to donate. But if you do, you’ll be helping the site stay alive that much longer (and I can use the money I’d ordinarily spend on the site for food, or something).

For transparency’s sake, the site costs $5.95 a month (plus tax) and an additional $15.99 (plus tax) when the domain renews each year. That’s roughly $90 a year.

Current donation incentives*:

Any amount:
A thank you message from the head of administration.

DISCLAIMER**: Any payment/donation made to Square Horse Gaming should be considered a gift that you’re giving us. Donation does not grant you immunity or any special treatment if you break our rules, nor does it guarantee you’ll receive a refund should you be banned or receive a corrective action. Making a donation to SHG or our associates doesn’t constitute a contract for SHG our our associates to provide you with any service, ongoing or otherwise. In-game donation incentives/perks will be added to the donor’s account on a reasonable “best effort” and “as soon as possible” basis. Please keep in mind that all of our staff are volunteers, so please try to be patient as they work to get you your perks. The SHG staff will use the donations as they see fit, but they will usually go 100% back into the server for upkeep and improvement costs. Donations are a gift, and not a sale of goods or services. Due to the almost non-existent amount of money we generate, we cannot afford refunds; all donations are final!

*Incentives/perks are subject to change at any time for any reason. **This disclaimer may be updated without notice, and is up to the user to stay up-to-date with them.