World/Server Download Links

Server files, Equestria, and Dungeons:

Google Drive of some of the other worlds:

Full Mega archive of pretty much everything, including the EQ map source files and more:
You may need to click the “list view” or “grid view” buttons at the top right for it to properly show everything because Mega really sucks.

Why these files were released:

A readme.txt is provided in the server files for what has been removed. But in a nutshell, certain databases, config files, etc. were scrubbed to protect us and our users. Some bloated files were also removed (like Dynmap) to keep the file size down. It went from 20 gigabytes down to 347 megabytes, so we consider this an acceptable loss.

Usage terms:
You may not use these maps, assets, or server files for monetization in any capacity. Blocking access to these worlds or the content in these archives via paywalls of any sort (real or virtual currency) is not allowed. If you use these maps, they must be free and open for all to access.1
Please do not use our worlds as the “primary” content of your server(s). We kindly ask that you refrain from using the entirety of our worlds as your own. Using them as public archives, however, is 100% permitted. You are permitted to use assets from our worlds to make your own maps.1
Do not claim ownership of any of our maps, assets, server files, or community. We and our staff have worked very hard on these over the years, and while we have little ways of enforcing it, we’d greatly appreciate it if you at least gave us some credit if you do decide to use any of our things.

1You may use assets from our worlds in your own, but please credit back to Square Horse Gaming & Mine Little Crafty for these builds. Assuming proper credit is attributed you may monetize these assets in your own worlds.